MITE HRMS Suite combines a number of systems and processes to ensure the easy management of a business’s employees and data. It deal with everything from payroll to performance evaluation, covering the whole business. MITE HRMS Suite helps the company’s mission is to simplify complicated business processes such as HR, benefits, and payroll for modern companies and makes it easy for companies to stay on top of their workforce’s core HR needs.


Centralized Employee Database

All your employee database stored in one location. This is the main convenience you get with the MITE HRMS Suite. If all of your information is in a centralized location, then you can easily access the employee details from a central system.

Attendance Management

Integrated bio-metric solutions with MITE HRMS Suite enable you to effortlessly record, track, calculate, benchmark and report on sickness absences and holiday absences in your business. Its’ quickly highlight problem areas so you can take corrective action.

Employee Self-Service

Employees to access their information from anywhere with an Internet connection/through self-service kiosk machine. They can able to request time off, review benefits, track training, and more. Integration with mobile apps also one of the core features which we can integrate so they can even request time off (and get a response) on the go!


MITE HRMS Suite offers a number of reports as well as customizable reports capabilities to be able to best use your past employee information.

Employee Data Management

Update and Manage employee general information, photo, note attachment files, medical information, tax information, monthly time-sheet, payroll reports and medical insurance and emergency contacts.

Payroll Processing

Easily and effectively generate the monthly payroll for the wages and export the data in PDF/Email formats. This can reduce the risk of entering and calculation errors greatly while making paydays easier.

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