In the drive to compete effectively, cinemas need to find new and more cost-effective ways to inform and communicate with their customers. Self-service KIOSK is now more relevant to the cinema industry than ever before. Owning a kiosk is rather like having a virtual team of employees to handle inquiries and effective ticketing processing. Customers will be more attracted to kiosks because of their convenient and fast self-service.


  • The touch screen interface provides a user-friendly approach to choose the movies and will reduces your customers wait time.
  • Reduce input costs by lowering employee headcount through self-service KIOSK.
  • Also will help the customers to print the online booked tickets from the KIOSK.
  • Ability to play movie trailers or advertisements when the kiosk is on Idle mode.
  • The self-service platforms will improve the customer experience, reduce transaction costs and boost sales revenues.



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