MITE Ticketing System is a simple low cost ticketing system for movie theaters. It’s designed to be easy to use and cashiers can sell tickets and concessions in minutes without having to learn tricky procedures. Having a ticketing system that delivers multiple ways for your customers to buy their tickets can intensely increase your sales. A ticketing system is central to all that you do that symbolizes the beginning of your customer experience and a substantial source of your revenue.


Ticket Sales

Very easy and user friendly module to quickly sell single or multiple tickets to the customers very accurately.

Concessions Sales

The software can be configured to sell concession along with the ticket sales during the same transaction with integrated inventory control.

Easy Scheduling

Comprehensive scheduling functionality that enables the cinemas to simplify their complicated scheduling experiences and ability to control the movies dynamically for online booking.

Dashboard Reports

Tap and generate reports for any period, including periods with different date ranges, graphical representation for each movie as well as a total for all cinema, and all movies.

Mobile App Reports

Make better decisions on the fly. Touch-optimized reports and dashboards put critical information at your fingertips no matter your location and available in Android/IOS platforms.

Online Booking

Secure and Dynamic website to start online booking sales with MITE ticketing solution.

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